The British Two Stroke Club Ltd

Welcome to the showcase of the British Two-Stroke Club.  This website is not intended to be a place for technical information instead it shows the activities that the club is involved in

Frequently asked questions


1. Do I need to own a two-stroke motorcycle or three-wheeler to join the club?

No, you do not have to own a two-stroke machine but should have an interest in the two-stroke engine.

2. Is there a upper or lower age limit to membership?

The club caters for all ages of enthusiast of the two-stroke engine.

3. Can you identify the make and model of my bike?

Yes, we have experts in each make who can help

4. Can I advertise my bike for sale in your magazine?

Advertising on the “for sale / wanted” section of our magazine is only open to  members.

5. How do I join the club and is there a joining fee?

Go to the Join us page and print out a membership form.

6. Do you only cater for British manufactured bikes?

No, our club caters for any and all makes and models of two-stroke motorcycles. Some of our members own and ride British vehicles as well as Japanese, Indian, Italian, French and German machines.

7. Does the club have a spares scheme?

No the club does not have a dedicated spares scheme due to the wide variety of machines we cover. Adverts placed in our bi-monthly magazine are a good place to ask for spares.

8. Can you value my bike?

No, we not able to carry this out, try your insurance company for a valuation

9. When and where does the club meet?

Regular section meeting details are available within the club magazine